Friday, December 23, 2011


Please pray for my dear friend Laura.

Please scroll down my sidebar and click on her name.

Her 3 year old son died suddenly two days ago.

I don't understand.  I question how God could take our babies before we've had enough time to love them well.  I struggle with wanting to ask so many questions, at the same time, I do not want to minimize God's sovereignty.  My Bible tells me that every judgement of His is right and true and pure and just.  My spirit tells me I believe it.....but still.  Why, God? Why now, why at Christmas? Why ever??

My soul aches deeply for my friend and the new world she will have to navigate in the coming days and weeks and months.  I wish with all that is in me that she wasn't asked to be the new mom in the Grief Club.  

Please, you mamas out there, please know that there is another mama in another state who is broken tonight.  Please, ask God to help you shoulder some of her burden, even though you don't know her.  Please get on your knees, go into your prayer closets for her.  Let's be the Body of Christ in action tonight, and in the coming days and weeks.  It will not be an easy road for her to navigate.....but I believe that God may make us cry and hurt and scream, but He also wipes tears and salves hurts and He hears and responds to every scream.

I love my friend Laura.  She is one of the sunniest people I know, despite the hand that she has been dealt in life.

Oh, and another thing: She's 9 months pregnant.  She needs the Lord to hide her under His wings.

Please pray with me.


My Little Warriors said...

Oh how my heart aches at their loss tonight. Prayers lifted.

Devin said...

Oh know.I am lifting her up.