Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm Back!!

Hello out there!!!!

Are you all still there??

I'm back online!! You're either thinking "O No!" Or "O Yes!" I do so hope it's the latter.

I'm back online after being off for about 6 weeks.  And let me tell you, the past six weeks have not been my favorite! But here we are, in our Hometown again, in Our House!!!

I noticed that I lost a follower.....whoever you are, please come back! I have so so SO many things to post about that I hope you won't be disappointed.  

  We had our first Thanksgiving in which I cooked (almost) the whole meal myself, with Hannah making the potatoes and Samantha making two pumpkin pies.  It was just the 10 of us this year, praise our merciful Father.  I felt no stress, no anxiety, no pressure to perform as I got up this morning, early, and began to cook.  It was actually the most relaxed holiday we've ever had, in my opinion.   We were able to be very relaxed and low-key this year.  Our menu was turkey, ham, cheesy potatoes, stuffing with sausage, mushrooms and onions, Brazilian cheese puffs, green beans and corn, and gravy.  It was all scrumpalicious!! It was the most peaceful, most laid back, nicest holiday I can remember.  When dinner was over and everything was cleaned up, we watched The Lion King on VHS (GASP! Yes, we still have a VHS player) and then we played Yahtzee, which I royally lost, big time.  Now we're doing a final clean up and getting ready for bed.  Bliss, I tell ya!!

So, now that I'm back online, and now that I plan on being around regularly, let me ask a few questions: Do you stress out about the holidays?  Do you go all out and fancy? Do you host gatherings? Or do you just do you and your family?? I'm looking forward to hearing about how you do things around the holidays.


My Little Warriors said...

Yay you are back, and I am so looking forward to hearing from you, and can I tell you that I am so looking forward to getting together again! I've missed you!

I usually don't stress to much about the holidays except for Christmas and presents... I HATE feeling the preside to get matt's family presents.

Melissa said...

So glad you got moved and you had a relaxing Thanksgiving. I don't stress about Christmas at all. We have changed our gift buying in the past few years to only our children and my two nephews. It's much less stressful and everyone can enjoy Christmas for the reason we have it.

Also, we do decorate, but it's pretty simple (I think) and then have traditions we carry out at home such as our gingerbread train and making sugar cookies. I love that it's not a stressful time for me.

Monica W said...

Hello, loved reading your Mary post. Very thought provoking. I am glad to hear you are all settled in. You have all been in my thoughts. Much love ~Monica

Renata said...

I'm glad you're back & don't worry about the lost follower ~ they come & go at times. Your thanksgiving sounds wonderful ~ I'm so glad it was relaxed for you ~ sounds like the family bonding time that you've needed after the last couple of years. I'd better go & help Ellie with some school work

Christine said...

I'm a little late to reading this post. Sorry. I've just not been very good with keeping up with blogs....including my own.
Anyway, YAY for being back in your house. :) Maybe we can meet at the park or something next summer. We shall chat about it later. :) As for the holidays.....we haven't hosted anything in many years. We usually end up traveling to one of my sisters' homes. This year we just stayed home....just the 4 of us. It was so nice, low key and relaxing. :)