Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ah-ha Moment

I had a revelation today while driving along on this absolutely magnificent summer day. Lately I have been pondering why God has not delivered me from this consuming grief.  I have been crying out, beseeching, begging Him to take it away.  And, let me be deadly honest here, I have to say I've been upset and sad and frustrated that He hasn't "done what He said He'd do."

I have to ask myself now, WHEN did He ever say He was going to take my pain away? WHEN did He say that I was on the wrong road? How can I be on the wrong road when this is where He has placed me? I never had a personal guarantee that I wouldn't hurt of feel pain or be devastated! I seem to have forgotten that lately.  I seem to have forgotten all of the verses in the Bible that promise His presence in trials and temptations, and light and momentary afflictions, and being poured out all the day like a drink offering......I have been feeling like the sky is a great big brass dome, and that He is nowhere to be found in my life.

Today was an "ah-ha moment" for me! I felt the proverbial "light" switching on.  Yeah, it was like lightning bolts and oh-my-word and all of that.

 He isn't going to take my pain away, and I'm not suddenly going to wake up on a different road tomorrow, and here's why: He doesn't want to take my pain away and He isn't going to because He wants me to learn through all of this.  Being here and feeling this anguish and sorrow is the only way He can teach me what this season means.  And He is here, the Bible promises He is! He's right in the midst of this battle with me, and with you! I will come out on the other side, at the end of this road, stronger and wiser than I was.  But, it takes walking this road to get there.  There's no other way.  This is where He wants me right now.  These feelings are what He wants me to feel so that I will constantly have to rely on Him and constantly call out to Him.

I don't think it will get easier right now but I do feel a bit more at peace right now.  The Bible promises that He is my shepherd.  The Word promises that even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I don't have to fear.  Scripture says that He was even with Job, whose suffering makes mine look like small potatoes! If I constantly place His statutes and promises before my eyes, they will guide me through this season.

And let me just say that I'm not saying He is incapable of delivering us from grief and pain and sorrow and anguish, oh no.  I'm not saying He's mean and cruel.  I believe that if it is His will, BAM, sorrow and mourning would leave in a flash.  However,  I do believe that He gives us trials and heartache and challenges and chooses not to deliver us from them to teach us and refine us and prune us and shape us.  There's sometimes no other way.  Please don't misread or mistake what I'm saying today.

I hope you take this revelation to heart too, for your own peace.  I think it applies to all of us who are hurting badly.  Meanwhile,  I'm going to start thanking Him for being with me right now.  Because He's been telling me He is!!!


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Duckygirl said...

I love a-ha moments! Glad you had one :O)


Aim said...

all I think about is Laura Story - blessings. I'm assuming you've heard it by now. if not. you tube it. It's helped me tons!

EEEEMommy said...

Hi, friend,
I think you'll appreciate this song my friend, Joy, wrote. Listen to track 1:

For the background and lyrics, you can read here:

I love you and continue to keep you in my prayers!

Grace and Peace,

Renata said...

Oh Wow Leanne - thank you so much for sharing! You know right now you are right in the centre of God's Will for your life. I have been praying for you so much lately - that you will have that energy & that God will give you His peace. How are you going?
I love that God has our spiritual growth in mind & that really that is the most important thing. I love you dear friend for being brave & sharing this ~ you are such an encouragment to me!