Friday, March 21, 2008

My hair

Wow, I logged in today and found that I've got 5 COMMENTS!!!!!!!! You gals really know how to make me cry!!! I was afraid that if I moved over here that nobody would want me, you know?? I do really like it here, and it is sooo easy to add stuff! I haven't had any problems, and the best part is, I learned how to add pictures AND do links!!!!! Emily, are you proud of me??

I tell ya, I've got lots of things to say....and I think I'll start with the picture of me on my sidebar. I don't think the curly haired me does anything for me, you know what I mean? I have naturally wavy hair, and I wore it curly the day Gayle came over to take pics of us for this blog. I just don't think I heart it!

I have a straightening iron that I just got about a month ago, bringing me halfway into the 21st century, and I do love it. If I just let my hair dry naturally after the shower, trust me, it's a big, bushy, frizzy mess!

I'll let you guys in on the products I use for my hair, okay? Now understand that I'm usually a kinda "crunchy" gal (Angel, you'll understand the term!), you know, I'm au naturel, so I don't like to use tons of gunk and crud on my hair or my face. I try to go as bare as possible (my hair and face, NOT my bod!!) But with the hair, I tried for a long time to just use really natural hairspray, but gals, that just didn't cut it!!! At my hairdressers, she always used a straightening iron, and I love it when she does, and my kids always wax poetical when they see my hair straighter, so I decided one day to go get one, and I never looked back!

Any-hoooo, I shampoo my hair with Joico Daily Care Conditioning shampoo, in the great big salon-sized bottle, two pumps twice, meaning I shampoo my hair twice in a row, since I don't shampoo every day. Then I put it up in a towel, turban style, after my shower. If I'm going to straighten it that day, I'll put a couple of dollops of Aussie Sydney Smooth Calm That Frizz Creme into my wet hair. Oh, I absolutely ADORE this stuff! It makes my frizzy hair smooth and gives it tons of body to boot! It smells good, doesn't leave white flakes or leave my hair feeling dirty or heavy the next day, AND, as if that weren't enough, IT'S CHEAP! Like $3.49 or something ridiculous like that!

Okay, after I put that in my hair, I blow it dry with a vent brush. Then I go to work straightening it, and since I don't have tons of thick hair, this doesn't take too long at all. It usually takes me about 30 minutes, tops, to do my hair on days I straighten it.

I finish off my hair with a couple of shots of Aussie Dual Personality Hi Hold/Hi Shine hair spray. Again, I also love this stuff! It makes my hair look so shiny and healthy, plus it also smells good and holds my hair really well. It's not expensive either!

If it's a curly hair day, I shampoo, blow dry just a bit, and spray Aussie Sprunch Spray in my hair while srunching it all over. This isn't a strong hold hair spray, it's just for curl or wave. I just leave it at that, no hair spray at all.

I know you gals were just DYING to know how I do my gobs and gobs of luxuriously thick and beautiful locks!!!!! Chhh, right! I don't have great hair like Lysa, but I try.

I sound like a commercial for Aussie products! You know, the ones in the purple ought to try them! They won't break the bank for all you frugal fannies out there.......and they're good products!

No, the company did not pay me for endorsing them, nor did I get free product for my glowing review, unfortunately!

I think I'll change my picture or do another one on the side bar of the real haired me!!


EEEEMommy said...

I found you! :)
I've always had a weakness for hair products. I got it from my mom! I have the same kind of wavyish hair that gets warped, frizzy, and kinky when I let it dry naturally, but oh well, that's what I do most days. ;)

I hope you have fun with this new blog and are able to make it your own! I love your pictures on the sidebar, and before this post, I was all ready to tell you how pretty the avatar picture is. I still think so! :)

chickadee said...

leanne, i'm glad you're moving! i'm adding you to my google reader now. it doesn't pick up the hsb blogs. now i'll keep up every day.

chickadee said...

ok, you're feed isn't turned on. i couldn't subscribe. would you consider turning it on? and tying in your email? pretty please. if you need directions on how to do that email me.

Marsha said...

So now you must post a pic of you with ze straight hair.

I'm not a brand loyal person... I'm fickle with the hair stuff. I have favorites but then I get lured to some other product that promises me commercial-worthy hair and that smells great. But alas, they all fail me. And it doesn't help that I'm lucky to get my hair cute twice a year by Minh at the mall. He's half Vietnamese and half Chinese-- he just understands my hair.

Anyhoo! Enough about that. What brand straightener do you have and do you really like that particular one? I'm contemplating getting one. My hair is naturally VERY straight but a straightening iron makes it look sleeker!